Liddy Mechelle


Liddy Mechelle, a Hip Hop writer and Rap artist who is not afraid of singing RnB, has found a remarkable balance between variety and continuity. There is much variation in her music regarding the message, sound, and delivery.

How She Started

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she is no stranger to Westcoast rap. Liddy Mechelle’s art represents her understanding of love with soft melodies and, at times showcasing characteristics of Westcoast Gangsta rap, with free-flowing words grounded in reality and delivered with controlled aggression. Regardless of the content or arrangement of her music, there is one quality consistent across all of her art: it resonates with her audience because people can relate to it.

Her Passion

Liddy Mechelle’s love for music and participation in the art form began when she was a little girl. At the age of 10, she wrote a song with her mother titled “My Future,” which they would sing together throughout her childhood. Liddy later performed this song with other children living in the Harbor Hills projects who participated in the 4H program overseen by Ms. “Flo” Sykes. However, her time spent in juvenile hall at the age of 14 fueled her passion for becoming a rap artist. She used her music as a tool to express her struggle. Over the years, Liddy Mechelle has been working vigorously to perfect her craft, dropping a single that nobody expected, titled “Gutta B*tch” in 2017. Hardcore and gutta were just what the streets were calling for at this time. After the release of this single, things have only gone upward for her. Now residing and operating in Las Vegas, Nevada, she recently released her new single, “Love you or Not.”

Where She's Going

Liddy Mechelle is no stranger to the stage, with several live performances already under her belt. Every time she is on stage, she never fails to bring an extraordinary level of energy and excitement to her audience. She also loves to take advantage of every opportunity to interact with her fans. Opening for artists like TeeFlii, 1 Take Jay, DW Flame, Kalan FrFr, and more have allowed her to do just that.

At the present moment, Liddy Mechelle has released her album titled “Blk Girl,” . Her album contains her original works and features artists such as the Legendary Kurupt from DPGC, Popular Sacramento Rapper CML Lavish D, Viral Westcoast Artist Compton Ro2co and more.


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